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US Air Conditioning Distributors is now selling compressed natural gas, compressors and filling stations.

For the past 5 years US Air Conditioning Distributors has had (17) seventeen 24ft stake bed trucks, (7) seven F150 Ford pickup trucks and 2 natural gas cars running on compressed natural gas. During this time period we have paid an average of less than $.50 cents a gallon for the compressed natural gas after government rebates. So in the last 5 years we have saved over million dollars fuel cost over what we would have had to pay for diesel and gasoline.

With this experience we have decided to go into the distribution of natural gas compression systems and stations produced by Universal Air Products Corporation out of Norfolk, Virginia. We can provide anything from a small natural gas compression station producing 5 gallons of compressed natural gas per hour to a very large station producing 500 gallons of natural gas fuel per hour.

We are selling slow fill systems, where your trucks are filled over night automatically or you can do fast fill and your trucks can be filled just as quickly as they can at a regular gasoline filling station. Or we can even do public stations with credit cards readers and pumps just like you would have at a regular filling station.

Payback for these natural gas stations is usually less than 2 years because of a huge difference between the cost of natural gas versus that of diesel or gasoline.

Rebates programs are available that make the payback even sooner. A buy down program is available from the California energy commission that provides funding to a CNG car, van or truck dealer or a lease company to lower the initial price to you from $3000 for a car up to $32,000 for a truck. To read more click here. South Coast Air Quality management district has matching funds up to $300,000 per grant for infrastructure (putting in a natural gas compressor or station) and the MSRC has grants up to $95,000 for infrastructure.

How about owning your own CNG public filling station?

A Cng station in the right location can return 20% per year on your investment much better than the .3% you can get on your saving in a bank, The demand for stations is growing at phenomenal rate as people are buying CNG cars to drive in the carpool lane and large companies are converting their vans to natural gas. A T & T, FEDX, Johnson controls etc. It cost about a Million dollars to put in a public station but rebates from the state can reduce that to less than $700,000. Don't want to put in that much we connect you with individuals that already have grant money locations & permits and just need investors to start the construction

To learn more about the benefits of compressed natural gas please go to www.cngcalifornia.com.

If you need more information on having your own CNG compressor or filling station please contact Tony Dispoto General manager CNG systems at toll free 800 937 7222 ext 6803

Filling Stations

CNG Medium Commercial Station 5 - 50 Trucks
CNG Small Commercial Station 3 - 5 Trucks
CNG Public Station

Fleet Vehicles

Ford Transit Connect
CNG Panel Truck
CNG Pickup Truck
CNG 24ft Stake Bed Truck
CNG 18 Wheeler

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